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Welcome to High Tech Specialties, Inc.


Courtesy of PCN Tours of Pennsylvania (2001)


High Tech Specialties, Inc. has been in business for over 30 years.  Originally located in California, Mark Bansner, of Bansner's Ultimate Rifles', interest in creating the Ultimate Bolt Action rifle lead him to take over High Tech Specialties' fiberglass stock company in 1998 and brought it to Adamstown, Pennsylvania.


Today, world renown custom gun makers and long running gun manufacturers are producing their rifles with High Tech Specialties stocks!


High Tech Specialties is a small quality/service oriented company that hand crafts each individual pressure laminated synthetic stock.


Custom gunsmiths around the world have come to rely on High Tech Specialties stocks for their customers.  These stocks are the lightest weight and most durable on the market today.  We continually strive for perfection!!


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